Why Laravel Is Best PHP Framework for Web Application Development?

Mayank Chauhan - Laravel Developer

Why Laravel Is Best PHP Framework for Web Application Development?


After a long discussion and analysis when you come to the conclusion to have your website/application to be developed in PHP, you will again need to go through all those a headache to decide which PHP framework you are going to use.

Let us make this easy for you, we have been providing Laravel development services since 2010 the year Laravel was launched. Laravel frame is one of our favourite PHP frameworks. 

Their many PHP frameworks, then why Laravel?

We have used many frameworks, over the past years like Symfony (needlessly complex), YII (slow learning curve), each framework have their own pros and cons.

All the developers and development companies look for a simple but powerful framework which helps to develop small to large scale projects with all requirements.

When I used Laravel for the 1st time, I realised it was not too bad and it was actually good for better coding and rapid development.

Laravel makes development pain-free and easy.  It is fully flexible and theirs always a way around to solve the complex problem.

It makes easy for Laravel developers, simplifying their issues, such as authentication, routing, sessions and caching.

Here are some reasons why I prefer Laravel over other frameworks: 

1. Laravel framework gives a simple way to control access to resources and manage authorisation logic, using its in-built auth system, you can configure everything.

2. We cannot Imagine an application without mail functionality.

Laravel provides a simple and clean API over Swift Mailer Library along with it have drivers for SMTP, Amazon SES, PHP Mail function, sendmail. just configure them and start sending an email.

3. A Laravel developer doesn't have to worry about common security issues like SQL injection, cross-site request forgery, and cross-site scripting because it takes cares of these for me.

4. Laravel has a powerful log handlers, that takes care of all error logs without displaying ugly error messages to user.

5. Testing becomes easy as Laravel provide automation testing which consumes less time and it can be more exact in many cases then manual testing.

6. Task scheduling becomes easy as in Laravel we can schedule task without getting access to SSH.


Being a developer, I don't to spend time for developing and configuring common task, so Laravel makes it easy for me to manage such task and letting me focus and spend time for application logic.

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