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Greetings to the enthusiastic Laravel developers!

Here I will tell you, what forges Laravel framework to stand apart from the other PHP frameworks.

I have been developing web platforms since last 5 years by working in a Laravel Development Company and these are the Laravel Framework's amazing features that I feel you should know. 

So, below listed are the robust features that establish Laravel Framework as a better choice for an amazing web development:


Laravel provides BLADE. Unlike other mainstream PHP templating engines Blade won't hinder you from typing plain PHP code in your views. The Blade is very simple still it emerges as a strong templating engine.

As a matter of fact, in Laravel framework, all the Blade views are first compiled into plain PHP code. Later, the Blade views are cached until you modify them. This means the templating engine adds zero overhead to your application. The .blade.php file extension is used by Blade   files.  Typically the blade files are stored in the resources or views directory.

2. ARTISAN - a Command Line Interface

Laravel Framework comprises of an interface for command-line termed as Artisan. It provides assistance in the form of helpful commands in the process of building your application. 

In order to view all the accessible Artisan commands, you can use the list command, mentioned below:

php artisan list

For each command, you are provided with a "help" screen which contains the details of that command's given arguments, choices & options.  Then specify "help" prior the command you wish to know about & the help screen will be displayed.

For example:

php artisan help migrate

3. ELOQUENT ORM (Object-relational mapping) 

Laravel Framework comprises of Eloquent ORM which provides an elegant & simple ActiveRecord execution to work with your database. 

A corresponding "Model" for each database table which is used to interact with that table. Models provide the feature which allows you to perform the query to access data in your tables. Moreover, you can also insert new records in the table.


For simple modification & sharing of the application's database schema across your team, Migrations play a vital role acting as version control for your database. For building application's database schema Migrations are paired with Laravel's schema.

This functionality serves a greater comfort in operations related to the database schema. 

If you ever got into a situation where you had to ask your teammate to manually add a row or column to their local database schema, by now you know what problem I am talking about. Such problems are solved by database Migrations with ease.

For creating a migration, use the command "make:migration". It is an Artisan command, written as:

php artisan make:migration create_users_table

If you wish to run all the outstanding migrations. You just need to implement the migrate Artisan command, written as:

php artisan migrate


In order to perform filtration on HTTP requests which are entering your application, Laravel provides a convenient mechanism known as the Middleware.

For example, 

to verify authentication of a user Laravel includes a middleware and checks for authentication. 

If not authenticated: Redirection to Login Screen

If authenticated: Middleware allows accessing the application.

Location of Middleware:  app/Http/Middleware directory.


Tinker is a very strong REPL, powered by the PsySH console by Justin Hileman under the hood. Tinker plays an important role in allowing you to perform or work on your Laravel Application from the command line in an interactive shell. 

Before Tinker used to be a part of Laravel Framework package. Later with the launch of Laravel 5.4 Tinker got extracted into a separate package.

What is a REPL?

Read—Eval—Print—Loop aka REPL.

This is a type of interactive shell. It takes single user inputs, examines & evaluates them. Lastly, it returns the output to the user.


To validate your application's incoming data Laravel framework provides many distinct approaches. 

By default, a feature is used by Laravel's base controller class known as the ValidatesRequests feature. This feature provides a convenient method for validating the incoming HTTP request & that too with dynamic powerful validation rules.


Laravel framework was constructed with a mindset of testing operations. 

As a matter of fact, PHPUnit is included out of the box to support testing. By default, a phpunit.xml file is already set-up for your application. The framework allows you to ingeniously test your application by making use of shipping with convenient helper methods.

By default, your Laravel application's tests directory comprises of two directories: 

- Feature

- Unit 

Where Unit tests are the tests which focus on a very minor or we can say an isolated portion of your code. As a matter of fact, a single method is focused on Unit tests. 

Feature tests are the tests which might test a major portion of your code. It includes the feature where the interaction between many objects takes place or even a full HTTP request to a JSON endpoint.

So above mentioned are the points to demonstrate why Laravel Framework has appeared as the most favored PHP Framework and how it succeeded in taking over the web development market.

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Hope you enjoyed reading and follow us for more tips and trends related to Laravel Framework.

Thank you.

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